Kingdom of North Sudan opens its first embassy in western Europe

April 14, 2015
COPENHAGEN: The Kingdom of North Sudan, the world's newest Nation, has opened its first embassy in Copenhagen as it moves closer towards establishing formal diplomatic relations with the European Union.
King Jeremiah appointed Finn Rosenkranz Ambassador to the Kingdom due to his efforts in patronizing European investments on both social and economic levels, stressing the importance of the social part in developing investments.
“We have independent political parties such as The Alternatives in Denmark and in other EU countries that would support a new country based on Science and Green technology,” said Rosenkranz, the new ambassador. “Food and Water Security, Energy Efficiency, Digital Freedom and Financial Freedom are 4 top priorities of the Kingdom. We feel very passionate that the country will be recognized by nations even sooner than it gets verified by the governments. We in the European embassy of North Sudan will try our best to push the European governments to recognize the new Kingdom.”
Over the past year, the Kingdom of North Sudan has established several diplomatic missions in Western European countries such as the Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain and the UK. The Kingdom plans to spend an estimated $2 billion dollars in infrastructure construction and scientific research facilities over the next 5-7 years. The Kingdom seeks to solicit contracts with EU companies with operations in Northeastern Africa. 
The European embassy of the Kingdom is located in Amaliegade 16, between the Swedish and Italian embassies.